How to Have a Natural Light Lingerie Photoshoot?

In a photoshoot, natural light plays an impactful role to get a desirable picture. Here, natural light means light created by sunlight or any ambient light source.

For shooting in natural light, one has to observe how the light changes shades throughout the day and affect a photo shoot from different angles. Like the best time considered to have a natural light photoshoot, is during sunrise and sunset. 

Taking photos in natural light is not that easy and always a kind of challenge for photographers. If one has a good understanding of the concept, then they can create a wow photoshoot even with limited space and equipment. Boudoir lingerie photoshoot is in trend and one of the most sensual types of photoshoot which mainly focus on clothing and landscape of the body. 

Today we will provide you with a guide to have a natural light lingerie photoshoot to create that charm. Have a look!

Simplest: Shoot Near a Window 

If you opt for boudoir lingerie shoot or have small room space for a photoshoot, then always try to shoot near window side during the day. Try to place a model against the window and balance the light ratio and get exact contrast photos in natural light.

Shooting in natural light needs a lot of effort and observation as it changes throughout the day. If you need neutral or cooler effects than shoot in midday or if you want dramatic look then shoot in harsh light. 

Alluring and Complementing Lingerie 

Right lingerie is the main element of a sensuous photoshoot. The model must have a bold attitude, hairdo, make-up, expression and body language which complements the demand of the photoshoot. In lingerie photoshoot, the main focus is on model especially on the torso where the lingerie concentrated. The color and style of the lingerie should be make up for the frame. In competitive lingerie market, brands like Cosabella launched sensuous and innovative lingerie styles in a variety of colors make it easy to choose according to your need. 

Right Camera

Choice of camera mainly depends on what you want to capture in the frame. You can opt for DSLR or even zoom lens depending upon your need. If you are doing the photoshoot for a personal prospect, then you can use your mobile camera or any camera you are having but, if it’s a professional photoshoot, then you have to choose the camera with right lenses and features. And always try shoot in manual mode.

Impactful Backdrop 

Try to have a light-catching backdrop which easily catches the light and bounce it back on the subject. You can create complementing backdrops like by selecting right wall color etc. for the photoshoot with your innovation which enhances the quality of the photographs.

Other approaches

Nowadays for getting the best shots, equipment and techniques are available to create and control natural light effects. Like one can use a light box, reflector, and mirror. Light-box helps to control light better than a backdrop, reflector bounces the light back on the subject, and with the mirror you can control natural light to get the candid and playful pictures ever.

Good luck!

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