Why We Love High HeelsWhen we were little, we stumbled around in our mother’s heels, trying to walk the way we saw her walk because we admired her stature and grace. She was our first role model. As we grew up and became a teenager, runway models in strappy stilettos were our idols as we saw them smirking as they strut confidently.

Ever since we were dreamy young women, heels were a symbol of power and adulthood. Now we know that when we put high heels on, we will be lifted higher than our normal height and when we walk down the street, the noise the heels make against concrete assures us of our womanly strength.

When we wear heels, we tend to keep our head high and our hopes even higher. We are the beautiful and confident women our mothers hoped we would be.

We think you should wear your favorite pair of heels to your next boudoir shoot. Not only do they add height, but they also improve our posture, making us throw our shoulders back and keep our head up. Heels also lengthen our legs and push up our perfect booty. They give you an irresistible walk, as they make your hips and rear sway from side to side. In other words, they make you look va-va-voom!

Can you begin to imagine how sexy you would look and feel in a steamy boudoir photoshoot, with some lingerie and strappy heels? No need to imagine anymore! The Pouting Room, located in Upton, Massachusetts, will help you gain the confidence you are looking for. Give us a call today at 508-603-1163, put on those high heels and your favorite lingerie and get ready to feel sexier than ever before!

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