Evolution of LingerieLingerie today revolves around the woman choosing to wear it. Quite accessible now in a large variety of forms, current lingerie contributes to a unique, modern version of beauty as compared to past eras, encouraging women to show their confidence and strength and exemplify what “sexy” truly means.

Though lingerie has evolved into something all women can embrace and be proud of, it took a few twists and turns through history to get this way.

Ancient Greece is where the first few signs of lingerie popped up, where women wore bands of cloth to serve the same purpose as our modern bra.

The 1800s introduced a curbed form of sexuality with the restrictive corset, a garment designed to manipulate the body into specific shapes that brought focus to the breasts and waistlines. The corset stressed importance of aesthetic over practicality. The invention of the bra in the 1900s swapped suppression for support, introducing comfort and choice for women in lingerie selection.

The 1950s ushered in an era where lingerie was proudly put on display and generally accepted by society, and the ‘60s and ‘70s contributed new styles with less to no fabrics and sleek designs.

Frederick Mellinger created the push-up bra in 1974 and the thong in the 1980s, helping to herald in the lingerie we now know and love. The ‘80s also saw the influx of one-pieces and G-strings, while the ‘90s gave Calvin Klein a chance to shine with his models that wore little to no clothing, representing a new version of lingerie fashion standards.

Throughout history, beautiful women of all ages, shapes, and sizes have chosen to wear lingerie for both practical and personal reasons. Lingerie makes us feel gorgeous and confident, and deservedly so.

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