Women’s Underwear Selection Really Matters

Women’s Underwear Selection Really MattersWhen most women go shopping for panties, they typically purchase panties that they believe are comfortable, pretty, practical, sexy, cozy, or otherwise. The majority of your underwear drawer probably consists of the same type of underwear because they fit your personal preferences.

It is important to recognize that certain types of panties are not right for certain situations, and in some cases, it is important to wear the right panty.

The Pouting Room has created a guide to women’s undies: you might find out that it’s time to do some shopping!

Consider Your Health

Did you know that not wearing panties on a regular basis can be detrimental to your health? Skipping panties all together might leave you exposed to certain infections, especially if you’re on your period and wearing a tampon. Panties are a layer of protection that helps to keep your vagina healthy.

When it comes to washing our panties, it’s important to stick to detergents that are fragrance and irritant free. This type of detergent is not only good for sensitive skin but for all women because panties spend all of their time against the most sensitive part of our bodies. Hang-drying your panties will definitely make them last longer, and we highly suggest it for those panties that have a lot of straps, lace, or other embellishments. For most underwear, a tumble dry will work well but make sure to use a sensitive-skin-approved dryer sheet.

Commit to Comfort

Many women prefer the feeling of panties underneath their clothing, whether they’re wearing a pair of workout shorts or a tight pair of jeans. However, when we talk about the comfort of a great pair of panties, that comfort largely depends on what’s on your to-do list consists of.

If you’ll be running errands, staying active, and getting things done, go with cotton panties. Cotton is soft, comfortable, and perfect for every-day wear.

For the nights you’re hitting the gym or working in the humid outdoors, you may prefer to go with a moisture-wicking material such as polyester or nylon. As you sweat throughout the day, your panties will help to draw the sweat away from your body helping Women's Panties to keep you dry. Cotton material does tend to soak up moisture, and if you’re sweating a lot, you might end up with an uncomfortable rash.

One very important thing to do is to avoid thongs while you’re working out; they can make it very easy for bacteria to travel from the back of your vagina towards the front of it. While they’re perfectly acceptable for underneath a pair of dress pants in an air conditioned office or a night at home with someone special, you should really avoid them when working out. Many gym shorts now come equipped with underwear built-right into them, giving you the best option possible. If you don’t have athletic shorts with a built-in panty, two of your best workout panty options include boyshorts and hipsters.

If you find that many shapes of panties feel too tight around your thighs but seem to fit your waist, try a pair of high-cut or French-cut panties. They often have wider cuts in the legs that will give you extra wiggle room and might be more comfortable for ladies with a little junk in the trunk.

Tip: Make sure you are buying your panties in the right size. If you are finding that underwear often feel uncomfortable, it could be because you just aren’t wearing the correct size. When in doubt, size up!

Avoid Panty Lines

We are all for doing you, and if that means wearing comfortable with lines that might happen to show, you go girl. However, most women are focused on avoiding the dreaded panty line, which is often a Women’s Underwearresult of wearing thick panties underneath pants or dresses that are fitted. Many brands now offer no-seam lining, full coverage panties as an alternative to the popular thong options, but it often depends entirely on your outfit.

Boyshorts can often be worn instead of a thong comfortably with most outfits, and there won’t be a panty line in sight. Another great option are high-waist panties such as briefs, which help to hold your stomach in a bit, making flowy or tight dresses much more fun and carefree.

Plus seamless style panties are actually better for your body. They’ll result in a lot less rubbing, chafing, or discomfort from too-tight elastic bands or seams.

When to Skip Panties

According to a gynecologist at the NYU Langone Medical Center, skipping panties altogether at night can help to prevent yeast infections and help your vagina function at its best. Remember to wear loose-fitting, comfortable pajamas so that there’s plenty of air flow and don’t wear the same pajamas twice if you go without underwear. (Plus, not wearing underwear at night is crazy comfortable!)

The Pouting Room loves panties. They come in all different shapes, styles, and colors which makes them a true form of self-expression for all women.

If you have a few special pairs that you want to show off, book a session with us today!

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