Stay Sexy During Pregnancy   Being pregnant can be extremely difficult, and so are the hormones that come with it. For many women, the initial months of pregnancy aside from morning sickness, leave them glowing.

However, as pregnancy progresses, many women start to feel less sexy and more self-conscious.

When you’re going through so many changes, it’s hard to feel like you much less feel sexy. However, there are some things that you can do in order to feel sexy throughout your pregnancy.

Get a Lingerie Upgrade

Romper put it best, “sexiness is a state of mind,” and we absolutely agree. Even though you might not be feeling physically well, you look as beautiful as ever because you are carrying a life inside of you.  Pick up a few sexy maternity lingerie sets that make you feel beautiful and appealing and wear them when you’re feeling down, even if it’s under your sweats! Believe it or not, many places offer maternity lingerie sets that will make you feel your best.

Connect With Your Partner

You might find yourself rarely in the mood as your pregnancy progresses, but it’sStay Sexy During Pregnancy   important to remain connected with your partner. Although it might be different when you’re pregnancy, and often more challenging, do what you can to remain sensual with your partner. Make a point to communicate with your partner so they understand how you are feeling and what has changed.

Treat Yourself

Although we are in full support of treating yourself at any time, you especially deserve it through pregnancy. Whether you treat yourself to an hour away indulging in a mani/pedi, getting a fresh haircut and style, or an afternoon at the mall shopping for a maternity sundress or two, remember to treat yourself during your pregnancy. Taking a few hours to yourself will remind you that you’re still you and help you to feel good about that.

Schedule a Photoshoot

In need of a confidence boost? Consider doing a boudoir shoot with The Pouting Room. Pregnancy should be celebrated and it’s a memory you’ll fondly look back on for the rest of your life. Whether you keep the photos for yourself or share them with your partner, they will keep you feeling sexy and strong, two things we promise you are.

Visit the Pouting Room to schedule your shoot today.

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