3 Things Older Women Can Do to Feel Sexy

Older Woman Posing for Boudoir Photography Shoot

Getting older should be a beautiful and enriching experience for everybody. Once you hit your 40s-50s, you’ve got plenty of life lessons under your belt, fun memories, and meaningful relationships to fuel your happiness. Unfortunately, society is not always kind to aging women.

As always, women are scrutinized as they get older for their changing appearance in a way that men are not. Consequently, many women have trouble feeling sexy as they go through the natural aging process, even though they should be embracing their amazing and accomplished bodies. If you’re struggling to believe that we truly do get better with age, here are a few things you can do to feel sexy as an older woman!

1) Work on your self-confidence.

Confidence gives you an aura of sexiness that transcends age. If you feel and act like the beautiful, empowered woman that you are, then others will see you that way too.

Tap into your life experience, accomplishments, and everything your mind and body has done for you to build confidence as you get older. Make a list of these self-esteem boosters and everything you love about yourself to refer back to on your down days.

2) Get flirty.

Flirting is a great, harmless way to have some fun and remind yourself that you’ve still got it. If you’re single, head out to a bar or your favorite hangout spot and put yourself out there a bit. It doesn’t have to be more than a little provocative body language and playful conversation, but the thrill and attention is sure to boost your confidence.

If you’re in a relationship, flirt with your partner—you might be surprised at how fun and sexy flirting can be (and what it can lead to) even in a long-term relationship!

3) Pamper yourself.

There’s nothing like self-care and a fresh, clean look to make you feel your best. Carve out time in your calendar for some pampering and self-care. Whether that means a bubble bath, a personal training session, a boudoir photoshoot, or a trip to the salon, write it into your schedule in permanent marker.

Along those same lines of treating yourself, make sure your closet is stocked with clothes that make you feel sexy. Again, that doesn’t have to mean the same thing to everyone! It could be a classic LBD, high-end athleisure, or a simple pair of perfect-fit jeans and a sweater, as long as it makes you feel like a runway model.

At The Pouting Room, we know that every woman ages like a fine wine, and it’s our mission to make you believe it. Schedule a boudoir session with us today, so you we can show you how sexy and empowered you are now and every day that comes after!

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