Choosing a Boudoir Outfit That Makes You Feel Sexy

Woman Posing in Husband's Button-Down Shirt for Boudoir Photo Shoot

When you finally take the leap and book a boudoir shoot, one of your first questions is probably going to be about what you should wear. This is an important question that can be overwhelming to try to answer on your own. So, we’ve put together a few tips to help you choose a set of outfits that make you feel like the strong, beautiful, and sexy woman you are!

Bring pieces that feel like you.

Most women assume they need to either strip down entirely or have a closet full of scant lingerie for their boudoir session. Although many women do go this route—and we do suggest coming with a few pieces of lingerie in tow—the sky is the limit on the type of outfits you can bring! Sexy is not one-size-fits all.

Someone else might feel great in lingerie, but if you feel better in your partner’s t-shirt and a cute pair of panties, then that’s what you should bring. Look to the items in your own closet and ask yourself what makes you feel sexiest.

Step outside of your comfort zone too.

Every outfit you bring to your shoot should feel like you, but don’t neglect those aspects of yourself you haven’t explored yet. Boudoir is about discovering new things about yourself and building your confidence. To do that, you need to leave what you know and branch out into something you haven’t tried.

Go on a little shopping spree and see what catches your eye. If you’re drawn to a piece but it’s not something you would normally buy, throw it in your bag. The time to buy that lacy corset or push-up bra you didn’t think you could ever pull off is now!

Try everything on ahead of time.

If something doesn’t fit you well, it’s not going to make you feel sexy. Before the day of the shoot, try on your planned outfits and do a 360 in the mirror. Anything that is too tight or too loose (even lingerie), should go in the discard pile.

Keep in mind while you’re trying outfits on that you may not immediately feel comfortable in those pieces that are pushing your comfort zone—but don’t throw them out! As long as they fit well, bring them with you. Your photographer will see their potential and help you feel confident as you move into positions to show them off. You just might be surprised at which images you love most at the end.

When you book your boudoir session at The Pouting Room, we’ll make sure you have all the information you need to come to your photoshoot feeling excited and prepared. Before your session, we’ll talk about your “why” for doing boudoir, then from there we’ll provide guidance, make suggestions, and answer any questions you have.

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