Eat Good to Feel GoodIf you want to look your best, you can start with focusing on feeling your best.

An important part of how well you look and feel depends on how well you eat.

Although it’s perfectly fine to occasionally indulge in a slice of pizza or a decadent dessert, many of those foods can damage our skin. If you focus on eating foods that are good for you, your skin will likely start to improve.

Healthy fats, such as olive oil or fish can help keep your skin looking younger. These foods are packed with healthy antioxidants which are super beneficial to your skin. If you want to keep your skin looking young, focus on eating healthy oils such as canola oils, soybean oils, and sunflower oils. As we age, our skin is often one of the first thing that changes and if we eat right, we can help slow down that process.

Avocados, (guacamole, anyone?) contain many healthy fats and are an extremely healthy food. Often referred to as a “super food,” avocados have been proven to fight inflammation in your skin and even repair signs of sun damage.  Avocados are also known to improve overall cardiac health and are packed with fiber that can help contribute towards weight loss. If you’re working towards a healthier lifestyle, avocados are definitely one food we’d suggest eating more of.

Adding simple spices, such as cinnamon and ginger, into your diet can help increase collagen production and fight signs of aging, making skin appear firm and young as well. Spices can easily be poured into tea to add flavor. Cinnamon has also been associated with preventing infections as well as some cancers.

If you often find yourself struggling to achieve a clear complexion, make sure you’re eating foods such as sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, almonds, and orange juice. The vitamins and minerals found in these foods can help fight inflammation, decrease acne breakouts, protect your skin from sun damage, and keep your skin looking bright and moisturized.

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