Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Tend to Fail

A New Year’s resolutions list written in a small notebook with the title, “This year I will” and three lines underneath it for positive goals in 2022.

We have all been there. That week right after the holidays before the new year, we have too much time on our hands. We pick up a notebook and write down our New Year’s resolutions. Crafting a perfect version of ourselves on a few sheets of paper, we get excited for the first day of January when we will somehow magically change all our habits at once and have the motivation to be the best version of ourselves.

Now it’s February, and that notebook is sitting on the kitchen table with remnants of last night’s dinner sticking the pages together. Why can’t we ever follow through? Why is it so hard for us to make the changes we think we need to make?

Here are a few reasons why your New Year’s resolutions tend to fail.

Your Resolutions are Not Specific Enough

So many of us write down “lose weight” or “get fit” on our list of resolutions, and that’s it. No plan, no exercise or meal prep ideas, just “get healthy.” How are we supposed to make a huge life change without a plan? That is why we fail so early on. We need structure and sustainable goals with steps written down to take us to the finish line.

You Aren’t Framing Them Positively

Many people frame their resolutions with negative language. They say, “I need to stop wasting money” or, “I need to stop eating junk food.” Instead of using negative words, we must frame our goals positively. “I am going to make healthy snack choices” or “I am going to start saving my money.” These small changes in our wording make all the difference. Instead of attacking ourselves, we need to give ourselves grace and a positive plan of action. Framing our goals with self-love will encourage us to keep going.

Your Resolutions Are Not for You

Our families and society put a lot of pressure on us to become the “best version of ourselves,” but everyone is different, and the best version of you is not the same version as your sibling or friend. Maybe we wrote that we wanted to go back to college because our family said that is the only way to succeed. If you find yourself putting off signing up for classes, maybe it’s because it is not what YOU want; it’s what your family wants. Writing resolutions influenced by the opinions of others will not be successful.

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