Getting On Board with Bralettes

Getting On Board with Bralettes Bralettes have been turning heads lately, and for good reason. Wondering what all of the fuss is about?

The Pouting Room has broken down bralettes, highlighting the pros and the cons of these popular and super sexy bra-alternatives.

Pro: Comfort is Key

Bralettes are the comfortable version of your sexiest bra. Although it is possible to purchase comfortable bras, (it’s all about fit, ladies) a bralette definitely takes the cake for comfort when comparing the two.

Most bralettes are without underwire and excessive padding, some of the things that often leave us itching to take our bra off at the end of a long day. Bralettes are changing the way women wear a bra, because they are an attractive, comfortable, practical option for any given situation.  They can be slipped underneath a t-shirt or paired with a blazer for a night out and it won’t bother you a bit.

Although they are often compared to sports bras, bralettes aren’t quite as tight and fitted so they provide the girls with a little bit more freedom. However, they are not made to workout in and we don’t suggest hitting the treadmill in one.

Con: Limited Support

For ladies with larger chests, it is going to be a little bit more difficult to find a bralette that meets your needs.

Unfortunately, many bralettes are not suited towards women with large breasts. Because the amount of padding and wires are limited in bralettes, which is what large chested women depend on, the bralette struggle can be real for women that wear C cups on above.

However, bralettes can still be a great option for when you’re relaxing at home and you want a bit of support without giving in to underwire. Plus, many stores do offer bralettes for larger chested women, you just need to commit to the search.

Pro: Fashion Forward Bralette Fashion

Bralettes have become a fashion statement in recent years, and they offer a lot of outfit-improvement options. You can pair just about anything with a bralette and easily dress outfits up or down. For instance, a bralette can be paired with a loose tank for a sexy, soft look. Do you have a V-neck shirt that shows your entire chest?  Add a strap-themed bralette underneath it to change the look of the t-shirt and add some extra coverage.

Many celebrities have been spotted wearing outfits where a bralette is being used as a shirt. They are often paired with high-waist jeans, underneath a bomber jacket, underneath overalls, and so forth.

Con: Sizing Struggles

The large majority of bralettes are sized in small, medium, and large options. If you have a larger chest with a larger waist, it can be hard to find a size that works well for you. Bras are sized to fit breasts, bralettes aren’t so much.

It can be difficult, regardless of your size, to find a bralette that truly fits you. After some in-depth Google searching, we discovered that it is nearly impossible to find a bralette that is both cup and waist sized.

However, you can find a bralette brand that works for you. You just need to make sure that you are giving yourself some options and allow yourself to search without getting discouraged.

Pro: Affordable Options

Creating a bralette isn’t quite the process that it is to create a bra, which results in bralettes being relatively affordable.

We all know the struggle of spending money on a high-quality bra that is fitted for us. (If you don’t, you should!) Bra shopping can get expensive if you are committed to finding one that does everything it should.

However, bralettes are relatively easy for manufactures to make, and they don’t have as precise sizing, meaning that cost less.

Pro: Sexy Staple

A bralette can help you incorporate a lace, feminine touch to all outfits. Whether you are heading to dinner with friends or heading to bed, a bralette is a sexy, comfortable option to keep your chest in check.

They can serve as a confidence boost when paired with a simple t-shirt or your sexiest pair of underwear.

If it isn’t obvious yet, The Pouting Room is definitely “Team Bralette!” It might be a trend, it might stick around, but regardless, we love that a sexy and soft alternative to the bra exists.

The Pouting Room