How Did Boudoir Photography Come About?

How Did Boudoir Photography Come About?Boudoir photography has gained popularity in recent years. Though still considered taboo by some, it has become a respected and sought out form of photography. But this didn’t happen overnight. To really understand boudoir photography, it’s important to know the history behind it.


Boudoir photography first emerged in the 1920s when nudity in photographs was illegal. During this decade, many boudoir photographers focused on plus-sized figured women against elaborate backdrops. In the 1940s, curvy pin-up girls in corsets and men’s ties became the focus. This was also the first time props were used in boudoir photography.


The biggest change came in the 1970s when boudoir photography began to be accepted as “professional art” within the art world, and photographs of real women replaced drawings in magazines. Culturally many still considered boudoir photography taboo, but not like in the past.

Boudoir Photography Today

Since then, boudoir has been picked up by the fashion industry and even the wedding industry. Whether you’re interested in a special gift for your spouse-to-be or you’re simply looking to express your inner fierceness, a boudoir session will bring out your power and confidence.

Here at The Pouting Room, we offer boudoir and fine art photography in Boston, Massachusetts. Boudoir is a French word, originally meaning “pouting room.” Historically, if a young lady was sulky, she would go to her boudoir, where she could pout in private. Through fine art photography, The Pouting Room rediscovers those pouty looks and powerful moments. Contact us today to find out more!

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