You’re in the fitting room with 15 different bras in front of you. You’re pulling straps, adjusting clasps, all while breaking a sweat. After eight different styles and constant defeat, you give up.The Pouting Room

Finding the right bra is difficult and many women struggle to find a bra that fits their body and their preferences. Between varying styles, price tags, and sizes, it’s not easy to find a bra that fits – but it’s very important to do so. Seventy-five percent of women are probably wearing the wrong bra size without even realizing it.

Wearing the wrong bra size is uncomfortable, so why settle?

If you’re not sure whether you’re wearing the right fit bra for your body, look for the warning signs that your bra is all wrong: discomfort during the day, needing to readjust regularly, red marks where the bra cuts into your shoulders, spillage on the tops and sides of the cups, and strange-looking silhouettes beneath your clothing. Sound familiar? It’s time to throw away your old go-to bra and invest in something that will make you feel good, both inside and out.

In order to make sure you’re wearing the right bra size, the first step is to figure out exactly what that size is.

The Pouting Room We suggest heading to a department store, we highly recommend Nordstrom, and having someone fit you in the store. Getting professionally measured can help ensure that you are at least trying on the sizes in realm of those that are best suited for you.

It is also important to get your underband and cups measured carefully. The actual band of your bra should be doing the majority of the work which makes that measurement critical, and the cups themselves should be holding all of your breast tissue. If you wear a bra with underwire, the underwire should sit snugly against your skin and should never dig regardless of your breast size.

You should also be easily able to adjust your band size if your straps dig into your shoulders.

If you find that your breasts spill over the tops or sides of the cups, you should be adjusting your cup size.

It is important to keep in mind that your body changes. Whether you gain a little bit of a weight with a baby, lose weight with frequent exercise, or just naturally fluctuate, your bra size will change depending on the size of your body.

You should not, and cannot, wear the same bra forever. A bra will eventually start to stretch out and lose shape, no longer fitting you appropriately.The Pouting Room

Above all, remember that a well-fitting bra means a comfortable bra, allowing you to feel your best every day.

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