Dropping temperatures, severe weather, and food focused events can leave a lot of us women feeling worn in winter months. Don’t get uStaying Sexy as Temperatures Drops wrong, winter has some great benefits: sweater weather, cuddle sessions, and some savory sweets. However, it can be easy to fall into a February funk when you’re desperate for warmer weather and a mere glimpse of the sun.

The Pouting Room is here today to give you some tips on how to stay feeling sexy as temperatures drop and how you can be your own sunshine when days get dreary.

Start By Wearing Sexy

The fastest way to feel sexy and beautiful is to wear something sexy and beautiful. It might be cold outside but that doesn’t mean your undergarments have to reflect that. Wear a matching bra and panty set underneath your sweats to feel sexy and comfortable all at once. You should also consider splurging on a seasonal bra (we love the idea of red for February) that’ll keep you feeling hot when the weather outside is far from it.

Maintain a Healthy Body

Winter weather comes with plenty of holiday feasts. From Thanksgiving, to Christmas, to Valentine’s Day, and so forth, it is easy to over indulge in winter months. Keep in mind that a healthy body is a happy body and that feeling sexy starts with eating right. Focus on eating foods that are good for you and your body such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts. To curb your sweet tooth, consider taking a taste of dark chocolate that is 70% cocoa or higher. Dark chocolate has been proven to boost your mood, provide antioxidants, and take away those uncontrollable sugar carvings.

Seek Out Sunshine

Winter is actually a dangerous season for mental health, especially for people that live in the Eastern United States. The constant lack of sunshine in winter months can result in depression, mood swings, and unexplained sadness. Our bodies lack natural serotonin in winter months which can change how we feel from an emotional standpoint for the worst. Whenever possible, get outside in winter months if temperatures grow reasonable. You can also purchase a sunlight lamp to keep at your desk or you can take a Vitamin D supplement to maintain your levels.

We have to admit, the best way to cure your winter blue is to schedule a boudoir shoot with The Pouting Room.

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