Jamie’s Empowerment Boudoir Experience at The Pouting Room Massachusetts Studio

woman wearing a blazer and nothing else posing in powerful stances for her empowerment boudoir experience

“It’s not just about the pictures, it’s about the experience.”

Jamie didn’t realize this until she actually had her experience at my studio. In fact, she almost didn’t book a session, at all.

She watched her friends indulge in the experience but never thought she would be able to do it herself. She worried she didn’t have the right outfits. She wasn’t sure if the pictures would come out well. It wasn’t until she had a surgery looming on the horizon that she decided to take the plunge.

“I was going to have a pretty big surgery after my shoot and I said, ‘Well I don’t really want those scars on my pictures so I’ll do it now.’” But the experience was about a lot more than just pretty pictures.

An empowerment boudoir shoot is about celebrating yourself with a little pampering

Woman with blonde hair wearing green lingerie for her Massachusetts Empowerment Boudoir experience

Having a whole day revolving around her – complete with hair and makeup – made Jamie tell us that she “felt like a celebrity.”  She thought it sounded cheesy. But I get it. It’s not often that we put ourselves first on our priority list. It’s even less often that we pamper ourselves.

“I went from sweatpants and my hair down to this gorgeous hair – my makeup, I’ve never had like that. And the whole day was about me. I think that most women are very humble and don’t want things to be about them but it was about me and I loved it. It was great.”

“I realized that it’s really not about the outfits. So, the thing that I was the most stressed about was actually not stressful.”

A boudoir experience should feel uplifting, empowering, and safe

woman posing for her MA boudoir experience wearing a blue bodysuit

When you walk into my studio I strive to create a calm, relaxing environment…

“The way that you are behind the camera is very calming, secure; it’s wonderful. I did not feel vulnerable or insecure at all during that experience and that was kind of surprising.”

Even though boudoir can feel like a vulnerable moment for a lot of women, I strive to make sure you feel comfortable, safe, secure, and nurtured.

She valued being taught how to pose and move for the camera. The posing demonstrations and positive feedback made all the difference for her experience.

I’ll help you prepare for your boudoir experience well in advance

woman posing for her Massachusetts boudoir experience wearing a crop top and panties

Through my preparation guides and emails Jamie was able to find inexpensive outfit options and selected pieces that perfectly complimented her figure.

“My mind was blown,” she tells me. “I could not have planned it any better. I felt beautiful. I felt secure; calm.”

“I feel like every woman deserves to feel what I felt. It really is something that you can’t describe.”

No one can explain Jamie’s personal boudoir experience and her journey to loving her body and owning her story better than she can. Through medical issues and external judgements, her love of and celebration of her physical form was hard won.

Watch Jamie’s Full client experience interview by clicking right here here.

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