Vintage Lingerie Building a vintage lingerie wardrobe is essential for all women. Having a range of different lingerie pieces can help to spice things up, and vintage lingerie is always in-style.

Vintage lingerie is well-suited to women of all body types, making it a sexy and sweet option for all women.

If you’ve never thought about your lingerie as its own “wardrobe” before, we’re here to help you get things started.

Back to the Basics

First thing’s first: start with the basics when building up a “stock” of vintage lingerie. Building the proper vintage lingerie wardrobe can take some time to do, but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Unfortunately, lingerie isn’t always made the way it used to be and when it comes to craftsmanship, vintage pieces are often well-made. Many pieces have stood the test of time and new pieces that are created now are often designed to reflect those original pieces.

Consider adding in a staple bullet bra to start with. Often times, people purchase these from different thrift stores, which means they are used but can be washed or dry cleaned to be restored. Make sure you do try them on if possible before purchasing, bra sizes has not changed too much over time but they likely will fit a bit differently.

You should also check the elastic on any used vintage bra that you purchase to make sure it’s still a bit stretchy, and if it looks stretched out, move on. Keep in mind that most women need what’s called a “bullet-bra filler” to fill in the pointy part of the cups.

Turn to the Internet

As funny as it is, a lot of vintage things can be easily found on the internet. Although the internet didn’t exist when vintage lingerie was first trending, it down not and it can really be used to your advantage when shopping.Vintage Lingerie

If you’re a fan of online shopping and would prefer to shop that way, there’s an abundance of vintage lingerie available to you. Keep in mind that if you’re not trying on the items, you’ll need to pay attention to the particular measurements, not just base sizing. In order to get the right fit, it’s vital that you measure.

There are so many different shops that specialize in vintage-inspired and pin-up style lingerie, and you can purchase so many different items from classic pin-up styles to stylish stockings. Check out this extensive Buzzfeed list, we’re swooning!

The list above gives you plenty of options meeting all different price ranges. If you’re dreaming of owning a vintage lingerie wardrobe, this can help you fulfilling your list and closet!

Selecting Special Pieces

When building a vintage lingerie closet, you can’t stop at staple bullet bra. You should definitely treat yourself to a few special pieces for when you want to wear that dress with the plunging neckline or the skirt that needs a bit more support. Many vintage styles support and compliment curves, which makes many of the styles ideal for underneath dresses and skirts.

If you’re looking for something practical, vintage lingerie gowns are comfortable to wear around the house but also create a stunning frame. It’s an elegant, light, and sexy alternative to a bathrobe.

Vintage LingerieShort bloomers make a comfortable piece for sleeping on warm summer nights, and can really make your booty pop if it’s decorated with ruffles.

When shopping for vintage lingerie, you’ll likely come across a lot of different silk pieces or fabrics that mock silk. These are guaranteed to keep you cool and comfortable all year round.

Carefully Care for Pieces

We all know how important it is to carefully wash and store our undergarments, and that stands true to any vintage lingerie pieces as well.

Vintage pieces should be gently washed, typically hand washed. If you purchase a used piece that didn’t come with washing tags, you should either get them professionally cleaned or hand wash them.

Make sure to store vintage pieces with care and give them plenty of space in a drawer where they can be laid out neatly.

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