Staying Cool and Sexy on Summer Dates

Staying Cool and Sexy on Summer DatesSummer temperatures are settling in across the country, Boston included. While all of us would prefer to show up to an evening happy hour looking slightly windswept with pink-blushed cheeks, we’ll likely start showing up with a sweat-soaked shirt and hair that’s slowly expanding.

Dating is tough, and dating in summer months while still looking sexy, is even tougher. We compiled a few tips that will help you stay cool on your dates this summer and “turn up the heat” in the best way!

Love Those Layers

Don’t be afraid to show off some of that gorgeous skin this summer, ladies. Befriend the “layer” concept for upcoming summer months. Have a removable piece that you can toss in your bag if things get a little too sticky, such as a lightweight cardigan. However, often times, AC is blasting in movies, restaurants, and so forth. You should have something that you can cover up with if the night gets cool or if the AC is a little too much.

Embrace the Up-Do

Whether you have completely straight hair, or curls on curls, humidity rarely does us ladies any favors. If you’re going out for drinks, you don’t want to be giving your hair more attention than your date.  If summer is making you sweat, it’s time to switch to an up-do, says Glamour. An up-do will help you show off your neck and décolletage, while letting a bit of extra air flow cool you down. Plus, it will keep your hair in place, avoiding the inevitable expansion of curls in summer months.  You’ll thank us later.

Stay Hydrated

Sharing a glass of wine may be your ideal date, but drinking alcohol in hot temperatures actually makes a lot of people feel sick. If you’re hoping to indulge in a cocktail or two, make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day beforehand. If you drink plenty of water ahead of time, you can indulge in a few drinks without getting quickly overheated.

Switch Up the Venue

If your go-to date spot is a crowded bar, it might be nice to switch things up. Share some ice cream together, take a walk on the water, or see a movie to soak up some air conditioning. It might be enticing to enjoy the nice weather outside, but it’ll quickly get old if temperatures are high. Have a few different date options so you can change plans if needed.

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